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 Posting Rules [Will Be Updated]

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Posting Rules [Will Be Updated] Empty
PostSubject: Posting Rules [Will Be Updated]   Posting Rules [Will Be Updated] EmptyMon Jan 12, 2009 5:11 am

Hello Everyone! Volt Again!

This is a tutorial on posting, now, I'm sure everyone
knows how to post. But that's not the point. Anyways,
this is to explain the rules on posting

=======Posting Rules=======

1. Image Size, do not put on gigantic pictures on the forum.
It really tends to slow down the speed of the forum.

2. Image, the Image CAN NOT, have any racial, sexual, or
any other images that would break the rules. The post will
be deleted, and you will get banned.

3. Spam, do not Spam. Honestly, spam is the most annoying
thing in the world. If you spam a forum, your going to get
a time ban.

4. Harassment, If you harass someone via a post, or messages.
YOU WILL BE BANNED. Harassment sucks, and we don't need it
on the forum.

5. Signatures, this rule isn't all that bad, but follow it anyway.
We want a size limit on the size of the image for a Signature,
I want to say, no more then a height of 250, I don't care
about Width, height it the problem. Also, for your signature,
do not make that much text, on aswell, 1 or 2 sentences of
text is good.

6. Double Posting, not that big of a rule, but its common in
forums, the problem with Double Posting, it is considered as
Spam, now wait, there is 1 way you're allowed to double post,
The only time you should be double posting, is if you're doing
a Tutorial, and you must make a new comment to continue
it. That is fine, You're allowed to double post for that reason

7. This rule is completely new, and I'm glad Rhumba told me
this as, I accidentally forgot to add this. This is about the
ranks you get from posting. The Posting Ranks such as
"The Roof Is on Fire" are merely for fun. IN NO WAY, shall
someone brag and boast that "Oh I have a high rank!". We
don't need people bragging about that stuff. The ranks are
merely for fun. If anyone does this, it should be reported to
a guild or forum authority.
That's all for now, you should follow these rules though, especially
the pictures and harassment ones, those are probably the biggest
rules. Well that's it. Ciao!


Posting Rules [Will Be Updated] Voltforumsigcopyth3

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Posting Rules [Will Be Updated]
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