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 Art Thread Guidelines [Please View]

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Art Thread Guidelines [Please View] Empty
PostSubject: Art Thread Guidelines [Please View]   Art Thread Guidelines [Please View] EmptySat Feb 14, 2009 2:01 pm

Sup again, it's Volt Very Happy . Anyways, these are guidelines for Art Threads, this also
is used for Video Threads, Music Threads, and whatever.
ANEHWEHS. Here are the guidelines.

Art Thread Guidelines

1. You may only have 1 Art thread, if you make more then one Art thread, I'm basically
going to consider it as spam. When you do make an Art Thread. I'd reccomend something
such as My Artwork/ [Name]'s Artwork.

get an automatic time ban if you put any pornographic pictures on the website.

3. This rule applies to people who comment, do not degrade, or offend anyone about there
art, like saying "You suck at drawing" or all that crap. We will take away your right to comment
for a certain amount of time. If it continues, you'll be banned.

4. Art Chat, is are chat threads, that people can talk about art and such.
In art chat, the same rules apply.

5. Thread Limiting, you are permitted also a Comment Thread if wanted. What this means
is you, can keep all your pictures in 1 thread, and the comments on another. You will
be required to keep a link to the comment thread if you wish to do so, it goes the same
with a link on the comment thread to the actual pictures.

Alright, I appreciate that you read the Guidelines,
and I hope that you enjoy Very Happy . Also, if you have an Art account, or Gallery someone can view,
that should be added aswell Very Happy

Alright, Ciao!


Art Thread Guidelines [Please View] Voltforumsigcopyth3

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Art Thread Guidelines [Please View]
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