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 Spiter and the first magic adventure

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Spiter and the first magic adventure Empty
PostSubject: Spiter and the first magic adventure   Spiter and the first magic adventure EmptyMon Aug 17, 2009 5:51 pm

hm... this is a story that I started on 8 years ago so the english used is not that good

I'm curious if you think I should finnish the story or not

Spiter and the first magic adventure

It was a dark night in the forest and every animal had been frightened by a noise, a very loud noise and then it became silent for little while.
Suddenly the bushes rattled and a bird came flying out with a loud scream and flew over Spiter’s head. Then the noise started again, louder than ever so that Spiter had to put her fingers in her ears so she would not lose her hearing. Spiter put some moss in her ears and then she climbed up in a tree. Spiter looked around and saw a man with a trimmer and understood where the noise had come from.
The Trimmer Man? Is that The Trimmer Man? It must be. Almost now one has seen him and he always has a trimmer with he if the legends are true, thought Spiter.
No one knows who The Trimmer Man really is or where he came from, and he has always a trimmer with him.
Spiter is sitting in the tree and looking at The Trimmer Man when he suddenly disappeared like a ghost and she heard a laugh like from an evil witch.
-Spiter come down and tell me what you saw, said Camer, Spiter’s friend.
-I’m coming, she said.
Spiter rested a little while then she climbed down and told Camer what she had seen.
-Camer I saw The Trimmer Man being kidnapped, said Spiter.
-Who is The Trimmer Man? Wondered Camer.
-You know, the man who always has a trimmer with him when someone has seen him, said Spiter.
Spiter and Camer became silent for a while.
-Spiter it is late. Maybe we should go to sleep, yawned Camer.
-Yeah, maybe you are right. (Yawn) I’m tired too. We can sleep here. I want to know if something more will happen tonight. Said Spiter.
Spiter and Camer lay down and fell asleep almost immediately.

Next day

-Camer wake up, we have to go! Screamed Spiter in Camer’s ear, with a little smile on her lips.
-I want to sleep more. It’s so early. Said Camer tired.
-Camer, the sun is already in the middle of the sky! So wake up! Screamed Spiter.
Camer stood up.
-All right I’m up, are you happy now? Said Camer angrily.
-You know that we must save The Trimmer Man and we don’t have very much time! Especially when it probably is a witch who has taken him, Said Spiter.
-But we have never saved someone in magic trouble, and we have no magic at all. Said Camer.
-Camer, we must try, should we give up before we even have started because we don’t have any magic? Wounded Spiter little bit confused.
Camer paused before he answered.
-Spiter, I didn’t mean it like that, of course we should try to save him, said Camer.
Spiter and Camer started to go and look for something that could help them to get a clue about where the Trimmer Man is and how they would be able to save him later. But it would not be that easy as they thought.

While Searching

The whole day goes and they have not found anything for use. Spiter and Camer started to get a bit tired and they looked for a place to sleep early. When...
-Camer, do you feel like someone is watching us, said Spiter.
-No, I don’t feel anything else than how tired I am, said Camer.
-But I’m sure that someone is looking at us, it feels so, said Spiter.
-No, you are just imagining it, said Camer.
Spiter and Camer walked a little while in silence. Then It suddenly razzeld in the bushes behind them.
-Camer look out! Screamed Spiter.
-What...? Said Camer.
Something jumped on Camer, from the bushes, so Camer fell down and the stranger put a knife on Camers throat.
First when the stranger was over Camer, Spiter saw that it was a human.
Spiter nudge the stranger so he fell to the ground and then he stuck the knife in Spiter’s left arm. Spiter took her sword and pressed it down on the stranger’s throat with her right hand, like the stranger had done on Camer.
Suddenly a boy stood in front of them.
-Stop fighting you’ll just hurt each other, said the boy.
Spiter and the stranger stopped fighting and looked up on the boy. But Spiter did not remove the sword from the stranger’s throat.
-Who are you? Asked Spiter.
-I’m the trimmer man’s son, Niero, said the boy.
-What are you doing here? The stranger asked Niero.
-I’m trying to get you two to understand that you will need each other, said Niero
-And who are you who just tried to kill us? Asked Spiter.
-I’m Drayen and I hate strangers in my area, said Drayen.
-That’s no excuse to hurt Camer and me! Said Spiter angrily and jumped of Drayen.
-Did Drayen hurt you? Where? Asked Niero.
-He just stabbed me in my left arm, said Spiter.
-Let me have a look at it and se if I can do something about it, said Niero.
Niero healed Spiters cut and then he said:
-Drayen do you remember what your father told you before he died, asked Niero.
-Yes, I remember, said Drayen.
-Can you tell us what he told you? Wondered Niero.
-Way should I tell them that? He said
Niero looked on Drayen and he looked back and then down to the ground.
-He said that, everyone who has a ring like mine are my friends, and they are the only in my family I can trust, said Drayen sadly.
-What kind of ring? Asked Spiter.
-This ring, said Drayen and show his ring.
-I have a ring like yours, said Camer who had been quiet until now.
-Show me, said Drayen
-Isn’t that my ring? Asked Spiter.
-No, I have one too, said Camer.
Spiter took up her ring from the bag she had on her belt and compared it with the other rings.
-It’s the same construction, said Camer.
Suddenly the rings started to shine.
-What’s happening, said Spiter, look at the rings! They are shining!
-What does it mean? Wondered Camer.
-It means that we are one big family, said Niero.
Spiter and Camer were so dumbfounded that they had to sit down. The other sat down too after a little while.
-Is it someone here who is hungry? Said Drayen.
-I am, said Niero
Drayen went and picked some berries and fruits he had under a tree and took the food to the others.
-Drayen, do you want to join the team? We are going to need you, said Niero.
-Wait a minute! Are you going with us too? Said Spiter.
-Yes I am, said Niero.
-And so am I, said Drayen unexpectedly.
-Fine we might need some company and probably all the help we can get, said Camer.
Spiter looked like she did not like the idea but what could she do.

Next day

It was Drayen who first woke up and when the other woke up, Drayen were just sitting and staring a front of him.
-Maybe we should continue our search, said Niero
They started to walk and did that under a scary silence.
-Can we take a brake from walking? I want to train or defense, said Camer.
-Now?! We have to find The Trimmer man first, said Spiter who was worried about The Trimmer Man.
So they kept walk. Suddenly Spiter stopped, raised her right hand and pointed at something that the others had not seen jet.
Drayen went to Spiter and become almost petrified. Spiter and Drayen looked around, that Spiter and Drayen saw was the Future City.
Soon Spiter screamed to the others to come and look.
The group was dumbfounded. They just stood and looked at the Future City.
They just couldn’t move.
Slowly they wok up from the trans and herd a very quietly sound of a laugh. Niero was the first one who turned around and saw that it was a girl that were standing behind them with The Trimmer Mans trimmer. Niero understood that it had to be that girl who kidnapped The Trimmer Man, it could not be anyone else.
Suddenly Spiter heard a voice, a girl’s voice that called for help. Spiter turned around and saw the girl at the same time Niero thro a flame ball in the girl direction. Spiter run and jumped to catch the flame ball so it would not hit the girl. But missed the ball.
-No! Spiter screamed.
And then something strange happened. The ball stopped and disappeared. The girl looked at Spiter and after a few seconds she also disappeared.
-What have you don! We had a chance to take the kidnapper! Screamed Niero angry.
-So you could kill her! Countered Spiter.
-She has kidnapped my father. Said Niero.
-Your father? I didn’t, sorry I forgot. Said Spiter.
-What’s the mater with you? I maybe could get my father back! Screamed Niero
-By killing her! I don’t think so, said Spiter back. It would only give us more trouble to find him. You don’t know where to look do you!?
-Dose it mater? I can find him anyway. Said Niero upset.
-Stop fighting, wasn’t it you who said that we are going to need each other. Said Camer.
-This is between Spiter and me. Said Niero.
-We just having a conversation. Said Spiter.
-Yeah I can see that. Said Camer ironic
Drayen, who was standing a distance away from the group were laughing quietly at them and then he looked away on something far away.
Spiter notice that Drayen looked away and that it was not by curiosity it was something else, but Spiter could not se what it was.

Beware of the clouds, the rabbits, the cats and the vampires (as well as half vampires),
they might bite you.

Somewhere on the clouds below the surface,
you never know what to find.
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Spiter and the first magic adventure
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