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PostSubject: Ranger Healer   Ranger Healer EmptySat Sep 05, 2009 10:33 am

This is something I came up with today, stealing the idea of spirit spammer builds people have been using for farming. I though if people can use rangers for attacking spirits builds why not make a healing version?
So I though about it alittle and came up with this build.

Restoration Magic 12
Expertice 12 + 3 + 1

Preservation, Protective Was Kaolai, Soothing Memories, Spirit Light, Rejuvenation, Life, Recuperation, Flesh of My Flesh.

just put up the spirits and make sure to use Protective Was Kaolai so Soothing Memories becomes cheaper Smile if you need to heal someone abit more Spirit Light
And if your party needs party heal you use Protective Was Kaolai if it is recharged otherwise just drop the item to heal your party for 70 health.

to get some more energy put on some energy runes on your armor Razz

[Ranger Healer:OggicxhMJONMFNN5wJOOV9cxAA]

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Ranger Healer
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