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 Welcome to Nevermore

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Welcome to Nevermore Empty
PostSubject: Welcome to Nevermore   Welcome to Nevermore EmptyWed Aug 11, 2010 5:46 am

weee wee weeeee Me and Volt both took part in the audition for the Welcome to Nevermore tournament which is a tournament on deviant art that is done in comic style.

Guess what!!!
We both past as part of the 16 people passing the audition and entering the first round! Excitement excitement excitement! Now it would be very ironic if me and Volt ended up as each others opponents on the first round lol. we'll see the pairing up has not been done yet, I'll get back on who we get as our opponents as soon as I got news about it. but WEEE WEEE WEEEEEE we passed the audition who hoooooooo

guess you can tell I'm excited ^^''

if you want to read out auditions here are the first pages of them, just click next down in the author comment to get to the next page. If deviant art is a bit slow on reacting or not moving on to the next page just click F5 or reload for it to load.

Yues audition <- actually that's the coversheet xD

Volts audition <- also coversheet rofl

just click on next in the author comment there's links there Wink

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Welcome to Nevermore
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