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 Quiz forum event! Answers handin 5th of November!

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Quiz forum event! Answers handin 5th of November! Empty
PostSubject: Quiz forum event! Answers handin 5th of November!   Quiz forum event! Answers handin 5th of November! EmptyTue Sep 28, 2010 4:34 pm

Here is an event for all you nutcrackers out there.
While you are out of ideas of what to do or just standing waiting for Halloween items during Halloween you take out a pen and paper to think about these questions in this quiz.

The deadline in handing in you answers will be the 5th of November so you have plenty of time during Halloween to think about what the answers can be.

I will be handing out some prizes to the 3 people who has got the most answers!
I will also have a lottery where 50% of those who did not get among the top 3 will have a chance to win something.

So just because you think "oh I'm no good at quizzes I won't win anything." give it a go anyway! You might just be one of those who win the lottery!

But just the fun of cracking the answers for this quiz would be plenty of reward in itself! So what are you still doing start reading the quiz!!!

  1. One man has 6 dauthers and each daugher has a brother.
    Of how many people do the family consist?

  2. Pelles uncles sister is not his aunt.
    How are they related?

  3. When is Cherry Jhonan born?
    - 29th of February 1983
    - 31st of July 1982
    - 31st of November 1984

  4. When I got home our old clock struck one struck. Half an hour later it struck another struck and yet another half an hour later it struck one struck.
    When did I get home?

  5. What always has the same weight no matter how big it becomes?

  6. What question(s) can you never answer yes truthfully? (only one required)

  7. How can half of 18 become 10?

  8. What has a lot of knowledge but knows nothing?

  9. What goes from house to house but never gets inside?

  10. What has a hat and foot but no head nor shoe?

  11. A child had it's 12th birthday yesterday. Next year the child turns 14. When do the child has it's birthday?

  12. What number can you add together to get either 2 or 11 by only using this specific number?

  13. If you can make 1 complete candle out of 3 candle-stubs how many candles can you make out of 9 candle-stubs?

  14. Imagine you are on an island with inhabitants that look the same from the outside, but differ from inside (their truthfulness). We distinguish the following types:
    -Knights, who always tell the truth.
    -Knaves, who never tell the truth.
    -Normals, who sometimes tell the truth and sometimes lie.
    Assume you meet one of these inhabitants, and he tells you: "I'm no Knight". Then, of what type is this inhabitant?

  15. A man is standing in front of a painting of a man, and he tells us the following: "Brothers and sisters have I none, but this man's father is my fathers son". Who's on the painting?

  16. How many nines are used among the numbers from 1 to 100?

  17. In a hen-house the following facts are true:
    -Not 2 hens has the same amount of eggs
    -No hens has more eggs than there are hens in the hen-house
    -and No hens has exactly 10 eggs.
    What is the largest amount of eggs possible in the hen-house?

  18. If it were two hours later, it would be half as long until midnight as it would be if it were an hour later. What time is it now?

  19. 20. This Nutcracker has 2 questions and therefore gives 1 answer point for each of the answers.
    There are 5 houses in a row where there are 5 people, each with there own nationality, profession, pet and most preferred drink.
    - The English person lives in the red house.
    - The Swedish person has a dog.
    - In the green house is coffee the preferred drink.
    - The Danish person prefers tea.
    - The green house is next to the right of the white house.
    - The plumber has a parrot.
    - The architect lives in the yellow house.
    - In the middle house milk is the preferred drink.
    - The Norwegian person lives in the first house.
    - The doctor lives next to the house with a cat.
    - The architect lives next to the house with a horse.
    - The teacher drinks beer.
    - The German is a priest.
    - The Norwegian lives next to the blue house.
    Who drinks water?
    Who owns the Zebra?

Solve as many as you can and make sure to hand in something!

You hand them in by sending them through a PM to me (since we don't want everyone to see and steal your solutions.)

Edit: added I will only count your first set of answers sent in so don't spam me with PMs just because you figured out the answer to a riddle after you sent in your answers

Edit: second add if you absolutely need to know about prices this is what I've decided so far and there might be some changes later:
First place: 40k + Destroyer weapon of choice + maybe some more items
Second place: 30k + some items
Third place: 30k + some items

Than the prices that will be in the lottery for those not among the top 3 will be listed later when answers has started to drop into my PM box to make sure to have the correct amount of comfort prices.
Some greens and minipets

Beware of the clouds, the rabbits, the cats and the vampires (as well as half vampires),
they might bite you.

Somewhere on the clouds below the surface,
you never know what to find.
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Quiz forum event! Answers handin 5th of November!
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